Monday, 27 May 2013

D is for Dysfunctional

D is for Dysfunctional and Daddy

D is also for divorce!  And DNA.  And depression.  Oh I’m on a roll now!  Anyway, I would appear to have a somewhat dysfunctional lineage.  My maternal grandfather was divorced.  My mother was divorced.  My father divorced twice.  And me?  Well I seem to have managed three divorces!  I have one half-sister, three half-brothers, and a step-sister.  There are three suicides and two attempted suicides in my pedigree too!.
You’ve already read about my father in ‘The Bread Incident’, but here are the lyrics for a blues (appropriate) song I wrote about him.

I’m the daughter of a bad seed
From an evil man
I try to forget him
Whenever I can

The sins of generations
Have fallen on me
I’ve spent a lifetime searching
For some tranquillity

One day I’ll climb above
Feeling bad about me
One day I’ll find I’ve climbed
To the top of the tree

Then I will be the golden one
Then I will hear
Hey Girl – well done

I’m the black sheep
Of the family
Never got round to doing
What was expected of me

I’ve read about generations
‘Bout sins passed on an’ such
Then I think about my Daddy

And that don’t please me too much


  1. I'm just amazed and delighted that you're wonderfully mad in the best possible way.

  2. You need music on here! I'm reading the words and the tune in my head is pretty awful. I'm sure yours is really good. I'm glad you at least got a sing out of him!

    1. I've emailed you the song. Most necessary and cathartic - writing the song, that is, not emailing you!