Sunday, 26 May 2013

I is for Irony

I is for I Feel The Earth Move

If you’re of my vintage then I bet you’ve got that Carole King classic in your head right now.
     Every now and then, when I boot up the computer in the morning, AVG pops up and says ‘Did you feel that?’.  It’s usually on a morning after the night before – an overindulged night on the fruit juice.  As I never recall ‘feeling that’ I do wonder whether I left the bottle of wine unattended and it got spiked.  If something had happened, then I would really rather (at my age) have felt it.
     I was going to say something else which I can’t remember because (see previous paragraph!).

I is for Irony

It’s Tuesday today.  The bin men couldn’t make it up the drive yesterday to collect our rubbish.  Although the drive is sometimes impassable in the winter, it is actually fine at the moment.  The postman made it today.  He delivered our council tax bill.  I find it amusing (I have to otherwise I’d stab my eyeballs with a blunt knife) that the council manage to get my bill delivered but couldn’t manage to collect my rubbish – one of the things I pay my council tax for.  Just saying!!

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