Monday, 27 May 2013

F is for Feedback

F is for Feedback

It is a delight, and means so much to me, when clients take the trouble to say thank you.  Being old fashioned, I particularly enjoy hand written letters or cards!  The latest comment came via Twitter, but it made my day.  It was from the daughter of one of the people at a village hall gig.

‘Mum said you made people laugh that she had never heard laugh before, so thank you!’

I’m really not one to blow my own trumpet, but I’m very proud of the lovely client comments on my website (  Here are some favourites:-

‘Nonny James is an excellent all-round entertainer, raconteur, singer and musician’
Redditch Group of WI's

‘Hi Nonny, I don't normally do this but felt I should thank you so much for your entertainment. I had loads of people saying how much they enjoyed your time with us and nice comments about how friendly you are - even off stage! Many thanks again’
Audrey, Worcester

‘Dear Nonny, Just wanted to say thank you for such an excellent show you put on for us. There was something for everyone.  Always nice to see a professional at work – you got the audience eating out of your hand! Thanks again. You did us proud. God Bless You"
Rev'd Nick Wright, Inkberrow

And my absolute favourite…

‘She made me wet my knickers’
Lady in toilets at a gig in Cheshire

F is for Flowers

I don’t like cut flowers.  I like flowers growing in gardens or in hedgerows.  Just saying!

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