Saturday, 25 May 2013

K is for Knowledge and Kale

K is for Kupfernickel

Yes, I thought that would get your attention and make you realise that I am a woman of importance and knowledge (yes, coming up next).  Anyway, I was temporarily stuck with K so I resorted to the dictionary for inspiration.  I did find another two Ks of which I can write from experience, but I couldn’t resist the wonderful Kupfernickel. Don’t bother googling because it’s very boring – but that’s not the point.  The point is

K is for Knowledge

I love Mastermind and University Challenge.  I manage a good score when the specialist subjects are something of which I have specialist knowledge (classical music, non-classical music, or something thespian),  and when the general knowledge questions include random things of which I also have specialist knowledge (dogs, horses, and, well, random things). You gather a lot of random knowledge over the years and you often think that these nuggets are a waste of brain cells, but when participating in Mastermind they come to the fore and you are SO glad when you can recall them.  When I used to watch Mastermind with my horribly intelligent daughter, it was one of the only times I could feel superior - unless, of course, the specialist subject or general knowledge questions were about something horribly intelligent. However, young people have hardly any random knowledge.  They also have acne and hormonal issues.

K is for Kale

Someone down the lane has rented a little plot of land from the farmer, and he’s turned it into a veg plot.  Took the dog for a stroll the other day and saw him tilling away.  Stopped for a chat over the gate to admire the results of his hard work and he dug up/chopped down some samples.  I staggered back up the lane looking like an opera singer with an end of performance bouquet. I had some curly kale (scrumptious), some carrots (oh the smell took me back to my childhood when vegetables actually smelt of something), and some beetroot.  Decided to boil some beetroot and serve as a veg.  Wonderful.  But I did look like I’d been up to no good with an offensive weapon.  Was due to go to the bank the following morning, but decided against it.  I already get ‘looks’ when I pop in with brown fingernails after a session in the garden.

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