Friday, 24 May 2013

X is for ... and X Rated

X is for…

Christmas!  Just making a point here.  Yes, I’m a sad, old fashioned, pedantic old git.  I have a loathing of the term Xmas.  It disturbs and saddens me.  I NEVER write Xmas. 
     Christmas really is rather special. Parents of small children will turn up for the Nativity Play and shed gallons of emotional tears.  Teachers will be decking out little people in tea towels, held in place with old-fashioned ‘S’ belts or cut up tights.  An assortment of strange animals will inhabit the stall where the baby Jesus will be held, probably upside down, by Mary, whilst Joseph looks on proudly.  One of the Three Wise Men will, undoubtedly, have a fit of nerves and run off stage to sit on his Mother’s knee and the occasional child, who wasn’t deemed good enough to be Mary or Joseph, will do their best to disrupt the whole performance.

X is for X-Rated

Is it a sign of true love, or eventually finding your  soulmate, or old age?  It’s just that I have noticed in the past few years that after decades of x-rated dreams, I now seem to dream about the garden, the dog, the computer, or (and this is the biggest disappointment) my bloke.  Why should I waste a dream on him?  I’ve got him 24/7 already!
    So after so many failures, what makes this one right?  I’ll tell you if you ask!  At the time of writing, we’ve been together 12 years.  The happiness is frightening. Last year we went to a rather special party to celebrate a friend’s 50th birthday and his mother’s 90th birthday.  We’re fond of them both.  The mother had lost her husband of 62 years a few months previously.  We were having a tearful chat and she said ‘Pain is the price you pay for true love’.  I so understood - and that quote will now be forever etched in my mind.
    And so to some lyrics to a song I wrote about the boy when we’d only been together a few months (the second time round, that is! – Read Nineteen Sixty Eight!).


Night time – all alone
I love our quiet home
I love the sound
Of you all around
Love your smell – on my pillow

Night time with the moon
Hoping you’re home soon
To feel your hand on my breast
Taste your mouth on my breath
Love your smell – on my pillow

Never felt this way before
My heart aches as I…
Wave goodbye at the door
My soul mate – my best mate
My bed mate – I wait
For you to come home – I’m all alone
Love your smell – on my pillow

That picture on the wall
I’m naked and I’m small
In bed on my own
Wait for you – to come home

Love your smell – on my pillow

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