Friday, 24 May 2013

Z is for Zebra and Zzzzz

Z is for Zebra

They really are remarkable creatures.  I think the most amazing thing is that the startling black and white pattern is unique for each zebra.  Isn’t that incredible?
     The whole black and white thing congers up so many thoughts and stories for me, too.  One of my albums is called ‘Black and White’ for three reasons!  The piano keys are black and white; in my head my singing voice is black, but when I open my mouth, my voice belongs to a white person (a constant disappointment to me!); and finally it’s a statement about life.  Everything has to be black or white.  Not many people operate in the grey area.  When I started my music career, I served my apprenticeship on the ‘pub circuit’.  Invaluable.  I used to get fed up with being asked to categorise what we did.  ‘So do you do folk, or country, or blues, or jazz?’  My reply was always, ‘Yes. All those.’  They really couldn’t cope with that reply!  ‘So what do we put on the poster.  Folk or blues or jazz or country?’.  Grrrrr.  I would always say, ‘How about Live Music’.
     Children, though, have trouble with the grey area.  They operate in a black and white world.  Reward or punishment.  Good or bad.  Happy or sad.  Love or Hate.   They don’t understand compromise, or give and take.  They begin to embrace that grey area once they discover the advantages of negotiation!

Z is for zzzzz

It’s the end!

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