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S is for Salinger

S is for Salinger

28 January 2010.  The day J.D. Salinger died.

‘The Catcher in the Rye’ had a HUGE effect on me.  I was a fairly naïve teenager from a pretty sheltered background.  I had little knowledge of matters American and had never encountered words like ‘goddam’ and ‘chrissake’.  I started keeping a diary, written in the style of J.D., and it was SO funky and SO Salinger and I thought I was SO cool!!  I remember a poster (one of many) that used to adorn my bedroom wall.  The caption was ‘You have touched me – and I have grown’.

Yes, J.D. Salinger, you did  touch me – and I did grow!

Having realised that this S entry is very short, I thought I’d add a further one – well two. Short and Sweet.  Lyrics written for a song (ooh another S) about my lovely man.  You’ll find our story under N for Nineteen Sixty Eight.


I love my room
I love my fire
I love the smell of the wood
I love the crackle of burning logs
And I love you
And I pace around the floor
I can dream
And I can fly
Thoughts of you make imagination
High and sigh and cry…confusion

The rim of the glass becomes your lips
The flame of the fire becomes your kiss

Memories spinning round and round
Invading my body
And I know I’ve found
A friend forever
Don’t you think I’m clever
Writing this song

Our love refused to fade away
Forgive the corn – I’m torn – I tingle

I am born…again

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